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TEST PRESENTS - 29th November, 2011

Our founder Hazel was lucky enough to attend the fifth Test Presents held at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green on Wednesday, 16th of November. The exclusive screening featured a speical preview of the Yves Saint Laurent documentary 'L'Amour Fou' a film that explores the relationship between St. Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge and highlights the vast art collection that was ultimately sold at Christie's after the designer's death. Designer Danielle Scutt indroduced and discussed the topic with Alyn Horton, the creative director of Test. For an amazing interview Horton did with Glass Magazine regarding the evening, click here.  Notable attendees included designer Holly Fulton and filmmaker/director David Weissman.  Take note of the 'Dragon's' armchair pictured below. It was bought for a whopping $28 million (!!!) at the YSL auction at Christie's featured in the film. $28 million for a chair? Just a LITTLE out of our price range... Needless to say, it was a brilliant night filled with delicious cocktails, fabulous people and interesting film! 

The feature film!

That really, really, really expensive chair...

Interested in attending the next Test event? (you should be!)

'The Night Porter'

Introduced by Roksanda Ilincic 

Tuesday 13th December, 2011

Door open at 7:00pm, screening at 7:30pm

Tickets are £5 and must be purchased in advance

Click for details and to purchase tickets!!

THE X FACTOR - 27th November, 2011

Huge NEWS X Factor contestant Amelia Lily wore a Rag & Bow 1950s vintage lace dress customised by X Factor stylist Laury Smith on tonight’s show. She sung her heart out wearing our amazing piece and looked as Tulia said 'very glamorous' singing the 80s classic , China In your Hand' by T'Pau. We will be adding special pieces similiar to the dress Amelia wore on ASOS Marketplace, make sure you follow our boutique to be the first to know when they arrive. Vote for her now to keep her in the show 0901 61 61 605 TO WIN!!


HIDE & SEEK - 25th November 2011

We love a fellow vintage innovator which is why we were most pleased to be celebrating Vintage Seekers first birthday at the wonderfully resplendent RIBA institute on London’s Portland Place. Vintage Seekers source some of the world’s most premium vintage artefacts from wine to watches making them accessible to all via their faultlessly designed website. 


The tone of the night was set beautifully as upon arriving we were greeted with the site of the iconic Jaguar E-Type. We swept up the grand staircase feeling like a Von Trapp child about to enter a gloriously elegant ball. We walked into the gallery space and saw many recognisable faces including our vintage muse Charlotte Dellal, Bip Ling, Gemma Cairney, Cara Delivgne, Savile Row crush tailor Patrick Grand and author Henry Conway pictured with Hazel below.


We felt like we had gone back in time walking into the main space and being presented with a wealth of design classics. Items on display included vintage Dior dresses, an Andy Warhol ‘Mao’ screen print, iconic David Bailey fashion photography and mid-century collectible furniture. We drank Champagne and the ubiquitous vintage tipple, Hendricks Gin, but we were ecstatic when served Port and Whitfield cheese, truly delicious and ever so decadent. We felt like we were at an intimate (if admittedly) grand dinner party, rather than just being moments from Oxford Circus. We danced to Rat Pack Jazz provided by the Ronnie Scott band no less which left us wondering how the multitude of looming Xmas parties are going to top this!

LATE AT TATE - 22nd November 2011

The first Friday of every month, Tate Britain puts on the perfect evening of art, music, food, drink and this time- a little lesson in fashion history! The event which took place Friday, 2nd of September called Restless Times: Art in Britain 1914-1945 highlighted the artistic creativity during times of great uncertainty and hardship between the two world wars. 

Our vintage maven Hazel brilliantly fused the eras of the Bright Young People circa 1920s & 1930s London (cue Great Gatsby socialite Daisy Buchanan) with New Wave Club & Pinups of today by creating 2 life-sized cut outs, one from each period, and providing a dress up box of ‘New Wave Club Dandies & Pinup’ clothing from our vintage collection! Event-goers were able to dress up and pose in our era-inspired cutouts while having their photograph taken. Check out the pictures below and see how everyone had a swingin' good time! As there were so many of you who wanted a go, see 'all' the images from our live photoshoot here

Huge thanks to costumer designer and Central Saint Martins grad Charlie Watkins who helped us fashion our subverted take on the classic 1930s confectionery seller dispensing bags of provocative thought and wisdom...Fun! 

All photo shoot images taken by Sam Wilcox and Martin Seeds. Big thanks guys- they came out amazing! 

KENSAL FLEA - 17th November 2011

We were SO delighted to be asked back to participate at West London’s best boutique flea market, Kensal Flea!! We loved showcasing some of our amazing pieces from our fabulous A/W vintage clothing collection alongside other incredible local makers.

Kensal Flea, a boutique flea market at Paradise by way of Kensal Green, specializes in art, vintage fashion, retro homewares, bespoke jewellery, second-hand designer fashion  and furniture. Check out our pictures below from the event (especially the phenomenal Photoboth Out of Order picture of Hazel)!! 


Welcome to Kensal Flea!
Shop-goers enjoying our collection


Louise, street style blogger from ASOS looking fabulous in her new Rag&Bow jacket!!

Our Founder, Hazel posing for Photobooth Our of Order--Stunning!


Our founder, Hazel posing for Photobooth Out of Order...Stunning!

Kensal Flea is a wonderful way to support local businesses, enjoy live music, chow down on delicious treats (Who doesn’t like Tim Payne’s pies?) and add a lot of pizzazz to your vintage clothing collection. Kensal Flea ended up raising more than £1,000 which will be donated to Contact the Elderly and Brent Samaritans…Keep a lookout for the next Kensal Flea hopefully taking place next March!!

BOURNE TO SHOP - 10th November 2011

On a recent buying trip we discovered a bounty of vintage dresses from department store Bourne & Hollingsworth. We started to investigate its history and discovered it used to stand where London's, Plaza Shopping Centre currently sits on Oxford Street. Built in 1894 and remodelled in an art deco style in 1928, much of the buildings higher floors have survived. If you look carefully you can see the letters 'BH' in a deco style which gives away its fashionable history. The pictures below show scenes taken from the 1954 comedy ‘The Crowded Day’ by John Guillermin. The film was centred around an department store but was actually shot at Bourne & Hollingsworth to give it authenticity.


Click here to see a 1956 newsreel featuring the department store and its ahead of time instore photo studio and developing service. It features Sabrina the 1950s English glamour model turned actress. After Jayne Mansfield death Sabrina played her replacement in 1969 film ‘The Ice House’, we thinks she's rather fabulous. Image © 2011 nylon.net.


A picture taken outside the London bar that we've have frequented on various occasions bearing the same name and 1920s ethos.

LEATHER BOUND - 9th November, 2011

We've read the New York Times, seen the online reports and pretty much religiously watch what you guys are wearing. We think we are confident in the next statement, leather is BIG this season! Here are our top leather looks picked from the A/W 2011 collections. We had to kick things off with a Rag&Bow dress which went live today on ASOS. At £69.99 you can recreate the look at a tenth of the price of the other bad boys below, OK.com. Bad boys, Alexander Burke…OK we're stopping!

Leather Dress £69.99 Rag&Bow

Loewe A/W 2011

Hermes A/W 2011

Givenchy A/W 2011

Giles Deacon - A/W 2011

MIRROR IMAGE - 3rd November

Recently at vintage towers an archive photograph (you know we love them) of Hazel's dad was mistaken for Yves Saint Laurent.  So take a look at this picture of Yves Saint Laurent in a buoyant mood after one of his catwalk presentations.


Now on the left we have Yves Saint Laurent with his muse, model Mounia taken in the late 70s. On the right is the photo that was mistaken for YSL but is actually Hazel's dad with her mum in 1974.


It seems the similarity of ‘parents that look like designers’ doesn’t end there. The lovely Imogen, based in our offices, has previously spoken about her mum's resemblance to Celia Birtwell. Upon opening our copy of Celia's new book we were met with an avalanche of never-before-seen pictures of her in the 60s and 70s. We have to agree, it’s actually uncanny. Below is Celia on the left taken in Salford in the late 50s with Imogen's mum, Tricia on the right taken in 1972. 


Here Celia (pregnant with her first son) is at her wedding to Ossie with sister Kay and David Hockney in 1969.


Now here is Tricia with Ossie look-a-like husband Tom, his father (also Tom) and little sister, Annie in 1981. Bizarrely Tricia was also pregnant with her first child Alex!  


Celia in her infamous pose taken from David Hockney's painting, 'Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy' (left). Tricia in the snow in a very similar outfit (right).


Tricia Eveson


Celia Birtwell


All Celia Birtwell images taken from 'Celia Birtwell' by Dominic Lutyens (published by Quadrille). Massive thanks to Tricia and Imogen Eveson for allowing us to share their family pictures. If you have similar photographs of doppelganger parents/friends email them to [email protected] and we will post them in all their glory.